Longman English Interactive


Longman English Interactive: Learn English Anytime, Anywhere!

Longman English Interactive is now available online.  Students can log in from home, from the lab, or from any location with Internet access. Teachers can manage their class, set assignments, and monitor students’ progress with the program’s easy-to-use management tools.

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Longman English Interactive is a four-level video-based, integrated-skills program that includes over 100 hours of instruction per level. The program provides presentation and practice in grammar, speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, and writing.


  • Access anywhere, anytime – Your students log on from any computer anytime, offering flexibility and convenience.   
  • Easy to use – The navigation is simple and intuitive.
  • Contemporary video with engaging characters presents real language in context.
  • Ongoing student assessment allows teachers and students to monitor student progress.
  • Automated feedback guides students’ skill development.
  • Living Grammar dynamically illustrates how grammar works.
  • Culture Notes help learners understand cultural differences and learn a new language within a broader social context.
  • Native language support is offered through translation in eight different languages.

Longman English Interactive: Learn English Anytime, Anywhere!

    • Study plans: Customize the course syllabus to meet your curriculum needs.
    • Progress reports: View detailed reports displaying “time on task” as well as practice, quiz, and test scores.
    • E-portfolios: Monitor and assess students’ progress on written assignments electronically.